The TS-1 jet fuel grade is intended for use in subsonic aircraft.

Its physical, chemical, and performance specifications meet the requirements of Russia’s latest industry-standard edition (GOST 10227). The product also fully conforms to the Customs Union Technical Regulations (Technical Regulation Act 013/2011 – Technical Requirements for Gasoline, Diesel, Bunker Fuels, Jet Fuels and Heating Oil).

TS-1 key properties:


  • high volatility to ensure combustion efficiency;

  • high efficiency and heat of combustion to ensure the distance of flight;

  • high pumpability and good low-temperature properties for injection into the combustion chamber;

  • low deposit formation susceptibility;

  • high compatibility with materials, good anti-wear, and anti-static properties.


If the content of total and mercaptan sulphur is high, the TS-1 fuel is subjected to hydrotreating or demercaptanization, and then mixed with straight-run fuel before use. Hydrotreated component content is limited to 70 % to prevent the deterioration of anti-wear properties.

Jet fuel is a low-hazard product and is classified as hazard Level 4 substance by GOST 12.1.007-76.

Storage life for jet fuel is five years as from the date of production.


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