Our clients tell us our refineries are unique for a variety of important reasons:

  • Novorossiysk Terminal

  • Nakhodka Oil Terminal 2017

  • Primorsk Terminal

  • Tuapse Oil Terminal

  • Vladivostok Oil Terminal

Ophergasnef" is one of the leaders of the Russian market of engineering services to the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Company is a diversified holding and performs a wide range of activities for the oil and gas industry, including conceptual and detailed design of tank farms gas stations , manufacturing and assembly ( including PBC, RGS up to 6 500,000 m3) of oil storage, oil, water, chemicals, oil, production, skilled engineering, project management, supply of materials and equipment, disposal and recycling of scrap, construction and certification facilities. The same company specializes in the manufacture of tanks, hot water production of containers, vessels, separators.


  Contact Information:

                                                                                OPHERGASNEFT REFINERIES & TANK FARM

 Address; 692929, PRIMORSKY Kray, NAKHODKA, ul. MAKAROVA, d. 19, Legal form Limited liability companies. Moscow, Tverskaya 38/2   (HQ)   Rotterdam Port, Heining 100, Torontostraat 20, 3197 KN Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands. Telephone: +7 (495) 642-4532   email: logistics@ophergasneft.com Skype: ophergasneft@mail.ru

 OPHERGASNEFT   TANK FARM activity is based on the protection of the client's interests. To safely carry the cargo, to shorten delivery terms as much as possible, to assist clients in arranging formalities - these are the main OPHERGASNEFT  TANK FARM endeavors.  ИНН - INN 7709667598 affiliate Parkneft 

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