Our Strategy

                    Focusing on increasing the value of assets.
    Capacity of the resource base in the Orenburg region and beyond.
   Improving the efficiency of production through the introduction of advanced equipment and technology in geological exploration, field development,                             
   enhanced oil recovery, geological and technical measures on existing fields.
   Creating a management system that meets international standards of corporate governance, organizational and financial transparency.
   Company management is based on the promotion of initiatives "bottom up" with the improvement of control systems "top down".
   Improvement of management, information technology and security technology business.


  Contact Information:

                                                                                OPHERGASNEFT REFINERIES & TANK FARM

 Address; 692929, PRIMORSKY kray, NAKHODKA, ul. MAKAROVA, d. 19, Legal form Limited liability companies. Moscow, Tverskaya 38/2   (HQ)   Rotterdam Port , Heining 100, Torontostraat 20, 3197 KN Botlek Rotterdam, Netherlands . Telephone: +7 (495) 642-4532    Skype: ophergasneft@mail.ru

 OPHERGASNEFT   TANKFARM activity is based on protection of client's interests. To safely carry the cargo, to shorten delivery terms   as much as possible, to assist clients  in arranging formalities - these are the main OPHERGASNEFT  TANKFARM  endeavours.  ИНН - INN 7709667598 former Parkneft 

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