The company “Ophergasneft Tank Farm” goal is to provide our customer with the best and safest most reliable, orderly, efficient tank storage and logistical systems. With our highly knowledgeable employees, we guarantee there is no adulteration and contamination of product stored under our custody. Within the international transport and logistics services and operations, we offer a considerable price which is the determining factor of our company successful transaction and long term mutual business relation with our customers, we takes good note towards efficiency during negotiation. With the organizing and combining matters more cleverly, Ophergasneft Tank Farm is able to work more effectively, efficiently and arriving at low costs and at the same point, we are totally committed to full service provision and delivering a complete solution for our clients’ interest. This operation commitment enables our company to offer competitive solutions and to sustain optimum client satisfaction. So it is hardly surprising that we enjoy long-standing relations with many of our clients – going back tens of years in some cases.