Ophergasneft operates in a large number of countries with diverse, complex economic and sociocultural environments. This situation can expose us to safety, security, health, environmental and ethical risks. For this reason, states and civil society have particularly high expectations with regard to our industry.

At Ophergasneft, respecting the environment in which we operate and meeting our stakeholders' expectations are key to responsible, sustainable growth.


Our growth and long-term viability depend on three essential values: Respect, Responsibility and Exemplary Conduct, which are based on the three priority guiding principles outlined below.

A major commitment to promote financial transparency

At Ophergasneft, we are committed to rigorous transparency concerning the disclosure of revenues generated by our activities. We have supported the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) since it started in 2002 with the aim to report the taxes paid by extractive industry companies to host country governments. We are particularly engaged in this voluntary, multilateral initiative, as it offers a framework for dialogue to everyone involved, including governments, oil, gas and mining companies, and civil society.

In addition to our commitment in favor of the EITI, we report the payments made by the Group’s extractive companies for the benefit of each government of states or territories in which Total carries out its activities. In our annual registration document, we break down the types of payment and totals by country, project and government.


Since 2001, the Ethics Committee has been responsible for monitoring the application of our Code of Conduct. Importantly, it is also responsible for supporting and advising Total’s employees and stakeholders and for listening to their concerns.


Employees and stakeholders may contact the Committee to:

  • Ask a question or request advice concerning the application of or compliance with the Code of Conduct

  • Report any matter that poses serious risks in areas such as corruption, fraud, anti-competitive practices, discrimination, workplace harassment, workplace health, hygiene and safety, and environmental protection.

Speaking-up: an alert system open to all

Situations in the field can be complex, which means our employees may need advice. To support them every day, we encourage an environment of dialogue and trust in which each person can express his or her point of view and concerns. Our employees may contact their immediate supervisors, an HR manager, any other manager, their Compliance Officer or their Ethics Officer. Because ethics is everybody's responsibility, our employees and our external stakeholders may contact the Ethics Committee if they need advice, have a question or want to report any matter that poses an ethical risk at


We ensure that all of our stakeholders understand, receive and apply our ethics policy through assessments and independent ethics audits. These assessments and audits enhance the consistency of our commitment to compliance and corporate social responsibility and help us continuously improve our policies and procedures by identifying best practices.


We work with several external organizations, including:

  • GoodCorporation

  • The Danish Institute for Human Rights and the Human Rights Compliance Assessment(HRCA) 

  • CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

  • The Shift Project

Lastly, we participate in various international forums with other companies and external stakeholders, with the goal of improving our community engagement performance by sharing best practices and contributing to the international dissemination of ethical principles.


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