Customs Clearance of Cargoes

Ophergasneft of Companies provides services of customs clearancein the import and export of goods, both in Russia and the EU.

We have the appropriate license to operate as customs agent.

Customs clearance services for the import and export of goods include the following set of services:

  • selection of codes in accordance with FEACC (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Classification);

  • preparation of documents package for customs formalities and drawing up customs declarations;

  • optimization of customs clearance costs; calculation and making of customs payments

  • representation and protection of the client’s interests with the controlling authorities, as by entrusting us with the filing of declarations and representation of your interests with the customs authorities you will avoid the trouble, excess costs, and cargo release into free circulation;

  • Customs clearance of goods in the EU and Russia.

We guarantee prompt and high quality execution of all customs proceduresat checkpoints in Russia, Finland and Estonia. Over the years we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible customs representative, both among regular customers, and with the authorities that control the customs clearance of imported and exported goods.


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