Anti-icing additives

Anti-icing additives are intended for use with jet fuels to prevent fuel strainer frosting at low temperatures.

Rosneft Aero currently uses two grades of anti-icing additives:


  1. Grade “I” anti-icing additive (industrial ethyl cellosolve) produced in compliance with GOST 8313.

  2. Grade “I-M” anti-icing additive produced in compliance with ОST 54-3-175-73-99. It is a combination of ethyl cellosolve (manufactured in compliance with GOST 8313) and A-grade methanol (manufactured in compliance with GOST 2222) in equal proportion.


Low temperatures cause fuel to crystallize. Ice crystals then block fuel strainers which may inhibit fuel flow and result in engine shutdown. Anti-icing additives make water more soluble in the fuel thus preventing crystallization and frosting. Mixed with free water, anti-icing additives form liquids with a low freezing point.

Additives are injected via metering units installed in the refueller truck or when using a Centralized Aircraft Refuelling System (CARS) to ensure metering accuracy.