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About Ophergasneft

Main activity

Crude oil production, Storage and storage of oil and products of its processing,

Production of petroleum products, Pipeline transportation activities, Extraction of

oil (associated gas), Provision of services in the field of oil and natural gas production, and Provision of other services in the field of oil and natural gas production.

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Ophergasneft is the largest refiner in the Russian Federation. In recent years, the Company's refining activities have been focused on meeting the market demand for quality petroleum products. Over a number of years, Ophergasneft has consistently implemented a refinery modernization program, including reconstruction of the Komsomolsk Refinery,Angaro-Ilimsky, Naryaginsky, Markovsky, Yaraktinsky, Danilovsky, Ayansky reconstruction of Tuapse Refinery, reconstruction and modernization of Achinsk Refinery and Angarsk Petrochemical Complex and Samara Group plants, which has improved the quality of products and increased their competition value. It is the most ambitious program for the modernization of oil refining facilities in the Russian oil industry. Within this program, in 2015, the production switched 100% of motor fuels to Euro-5 class for the Russian domestic market, as required by the Technical Regulations.

As of the end of 2016, the Company’s oil and gas refining block included 10 large oil refineries located in key regions of Russia, three petrochemical and four gas processing plants (including assets of Ophergasneft and a share in JSC Ophergasneft), as well as two plants producing catalysts.

The total designed capacity of the major oil refineries in Russia is 118.3 million tons of oil per year.








Geological Exploration

Ophergasneftis one of the biggest suppliar of

petroleum product in Russia federation and CIS

countries in terms of reserves and production.

Adding reserves is one of the Company’s key priorities.

In 2014, Nefteservis continued the efficient

replacement of its resource base. The Company’s

2014 ABC1+C2 hydrocarbon reserves amounted to

116 bln boe (ca. 11 bln toe). Investment in

exploration was twice the 2013 amount, primarily due

to increasing the scope of offshore operations.

The exploration program was successfully delivered. The Company carried out operations in all the regions where it has the right to subsoil resource use in the Russian Federation, including the Far East, East and West Siberia, the Volga-Urals and Timan-Pechora regions, and the south of Russia. 90 exploration wells were drilled and tested with a success rate of 70%; 4 new fields were discovered, including 1 offshore field, and 64 new accumulations in the existing fields. The total discovered reserves amount to ca.360 MMT of oil equivalent.

Reserves additions in West Siberia — 145.3 mm tons of oil and 61.2 bcm of gas. 47 Exploration wells demonstrating a 78% success rate. Tavricheskoye field discovered as part of the Uvat project in the south of the Tyumen region plus 14 new hydrocarbon accumulations. Total reserves additions in East Siberia — ca. 49 mm tons of oil and 33.4 bcm of gas; 4 new accumulations discovered. Total reserves additions in the Volgo-Urals region — 32.4 mm tons of oil and 3.0 bcm of gas; Rudnikovskoye and Yuzhno-Barsukovskoye fields discovered in the Samara region plus 37 new hydrocarbon accumulations.

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Offshore projects

Offshore projects are a strategic business area for

Ophergasneft. Ophergasneft is a pioneer in the

development of the Russian shelf. Most fields on the

Sakhalin shelf were discovered with the participation of

the Company's specialists. The fields of world-renowned

Russia's offshore projects Sakhalin 1 and Sakhalin 2 and

Kirinskoye field as well were discovered as a result of the

exploration and appraisal activity performed in 1975-1993.

In 1998, Nefteservis oilmen drilled from onshore Sakhalin

the first extended reach well (ERW) in Russia at

Odoptu-Sea Field (Northern Dome), thus giving a start to

oil production in the continental shelf.

Today, the Company is the largest subsoil user of Russia's

shelf: as of 06 June 2016, Ophergasneft holds 55 licenses

for the blocks of RF continental shelf. Hydrocarbon

resources of these blocks are about 33 bln. toe. Тhe Company is also implementing the project in the Black Sea offshore the Republic of Abkhazia, carrying out hydrocarbon exploration and appraisal offshore Vietnam, and participating in the projects on the Norwegian shelf. As of the end of 01.06.2016, 30 offshore projects of the Company are in exploration and appraisal, 9 licenses were issued for oil and gas exploration and production; six license blocks are on production. The Company has been fulfilling its entire license obligations related to exploration, and in some of the blocks, the activity is ahead of schedule.


The history of strategic international offshore partnership goes back to 1995 when offshore blocks development started in the Sea of Okhotsk - Sakhalin 1 project in cooperation with ExxonMobil, ONGC and Sodeco companies, Sakhalin-3 (Veninskiy Block) - in cooperation with Sinopec, Sakhalin 4 and Sakhalin 5 - in cooperation with ВР, and West Kamchatka Block in cooperation with KNOC. The performance of the extensive exploration and appraisal program resulted in the discovery of the North Veninskiy gas condensate field, and Kaigano-Vasyukansky Sea and Novo Veninskiy oil and gas condensate fields.


Oil Refinery Process

Ophergasneft refining has cutting-edge conversion and

reforming capacities, and produce a wide range of

high-quality petroleum products. In terms of the

engineering properties of their production capacities

and the efficiency indicators. Refining depth, light

petroleum product yield, and Nelson Index exclude

mini-refineries and include the impact of cross-supplies

of commercial petroleum products between the Group’s


In 2016, the throughput at Russian refineries remained flat

year-on-year at 41.8 million tonnes. Following the output

mix improvement driven by the duly completed upgrade

program and by optimized utilization of secondary processes,

the Group's Russian refineries posted strong financial results

in 2016 despite the unfavorable macroeconomic

environment. In the reporting year, light product (excluding

products of mini-refineries) yield was 62.9% (2015: 58.9%). The refining depth (excluding mini-refineries) reached 84.7% (2015: 79.9%), mainly driven by the newly commissioned residue refining facility at the Perm Refinery, virtually phasing out fuel oil production.

Gas Processing

Ophergasneft processes gas and natural gas liquids at three gas processing plants (GPPs) in West Siberia, Timan-Pechora, and Volga regions, as well as at the Perm Refinery and on the site of Stavrolen oil and gas chemical complex in the Stavropol Territory. The Group's GPPs process APG extracted by Nefteservis in Russia into liquid hydrocarbons and marketable gas. In 2016, the natural and petroleum gas throughput increased by 3.4% to 2.8 billion cubic meters, mainly due to the gas processing unit launched at Stavrolen complex in Budennovsk with an annual capacity of 1.1 billion cubic meters. In 2016, the output of natural gas liquids at the Group's GPPs was 1 million tonnes versus 1.2 million tonnes in 2015. Marketable gas production declined by 1.7% in 2016 to 2.2 billion cubic meters due to the temporary suspension of operations at the Lokosovsky GPP in the second half of 2019.



As far as its Upstream operations go, Ophergasneft seeks to

maximize its efficiency and profits by improving its production

performance, carefully selecting new projects and exercising

clear-cut control over its production costs.

Nefteservis produces oil and gas in six countries. Our core

operations are concentrated in four federal districts of the Russian

Federation, specifically in the North-Western Federal District

(the Nenets Autonomous Area, the Komi Republic and the

Kaliningrad Region), the Volga Federal District (the Perm

Territory and the Republic of Tatarstan), the Urals Federal District

(the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area and the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra), and the Southern Federal District (the Volgograd Region, the Astrakhan Region, and the Republic of Kalmykia).

Oil and gas production

In 2016, the production of marketable hydrocarbons totaled 1.1 million boe per day, including 75.1% made up by liquid hydrocarbons, and natural and associated gas accounting for the remaining 13.7%. Building up oil production as part of prospective projects and keeping it steady in the traditional areas of the Company’s operations is viewed by the Nefteservis Group as a priority objective.


Petroleum Exports

Ophergasneft is engaged in wholesale trade in oil, petroleum products,

gas, gas processing products and petrochemicals, and retail sales of

petroleum products and petrochemicals.The Company is monitoring the

economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing

basis, as a result, in 2014 the share of high margin channels increased

to 40.2% of the total volume of crude (vs. 38.9% in 2013).

In 2014, the Company supplied 56.6 mln tons of crude oil to the

company-owned refineries in Russia, an 11% growth over 2013 supplies

(67.8 mln tons). In addition to crude oil supplies to its own refineries in

Russia, in 2014 the Company supplied 2.3 mln tons of equity crude to Ruhr Oel GmbH refineries in Germany, 15% down year-on-year. Reduction in supplies of equity crude to ROG refineries was driven by a decision to substitute equity crude with purchased crude while redirecting the equity crude to other export channels.

Crude Oil Exports

In 2014, Ophergasneft continued supplying crude oil to Mzyr Refinery (the Republic of Belarus) under a processing agreement. Total supplies amounted to 1.6 mln tons, a 60% growth vs. 2013. Petroleum products manufactured at Mozyr Refinery were exported, sold domestically through the Company’s retail network, and supplied to the markets of Belarus and Ukraine.

Total supplies to third parties in 2014 amounted to 111.2 mln tons, including 8.8 mln tons of crude oil sold domestically. Crude oil exports totaled 102.4 mln tons. Supplies to Asia Pacific countries appear to be the most lucrative export channel – pipeline deliveries to China, sales in Kozmino, and De-Castri ports. Supplies to the Asia Pacific grew by 41% year-on-year.

The Company exported 61.1 mln tons of crude oil to North-West, Central and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean countries, and other distant foreign countries. CIS exports amounted to 7.8 mln tons. Supplies to Asia Pacific countries amounted to 30.2 mln tons, including 20.4 mln tons of crude oil supplied to China via a pipeline under long-term contracts, and the remaining volumes were exported via Kozmino and De-Castri ports.

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